Frequently asked questions

Is there a physical store?

No, there’s no physical store, webshop only. The stockroom is located in Nykvarn. If you live nearby and wish to pickup your purchase yourself, you can choose to have the order delivered to the local flower shop Pion Blomsterateljé for free, and pick it up there during the shops regular opening hours. Use the discount code “Nykvarn” at checkout, and the shipping cost will be removed. This usually takes a few days, and you will receive an e-mail when the order is ready for pickup.

Is it possible to order rugs in custom sizes?

No, unfortunately I can not handle orders for rugs in custom sizes.

Is it possible to order fabric by the metre?

Unfortunately no. I don’t keep any fabric in stock, only finished products.

What's the delivery time?

The delivery time can vary a bit, but I do my best to be as fast as possible. I usually ship orders within one or a couple of days. If the delivery time currently is longer than usual (over a week) there will be a message about this at checkout. Do you need to know the expected delivery time – send an e-mail and ask before you place your order, info@linajohansson.se.

You can read more about deliveries at the Terms and conditions page, found in the page footer.

How do I wash my plastic rug?

Vacuum the rug regularly. The rug can be washed by hand or machine washed – depending on the size of the rug and the capacity of your washing machine. Wash at 30°C, no or very low spinning. Use a laundry detergent for colored fabrics, avoid whiteners and stain removers.

Stretch and shape the rug carefully while it’s still wet, and let dry flat, rolled, or hang it on a bar (avoid hanging it on washing lines, it might misshape the rug). If the rug has welded edges, be careful not to stretch or fold these. Smaller stains may be wiped off using a damp cloth.

How do I wash my cotton blanket?

Machine wash at 30°C, gentle cycle. Do not use bleach or stain removers.

Tumble dry at low heat, gentle cycle.

How do I wash my wool blanket?

Careful handwash only. Use wool detergent. Do not use bleach or stain removers.

Hang dry or dry flat – do not tumble dry.

How do I wash my bedspread / my cushion covers

Product specific washing instructions can be found on the label attached to each product (check inside the cushion covers / at the back side of the bedspreads). General instructions below:

Handwashing is the most gentle option. The bedspreads and cushion covers can also be machine washed – wash at 30°C, fine wash, gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent. Do not bleach. Stretch and shape very gently while wet. Hang dry (on a bar or rack, but not on a line since this might stretch the fabric unevenly) or dry flat. Do not tumble dry.