Photoshop magic

Good pics are key to my business. It’s not enough for my products to look good in reality – they need to look good online, since webshops and social media are so very important. I try to take a lot of pics, and show things off in new settings and new combinations. I’ve had help from photographers a few times, but I take most of my pics myself. I’m a decent photographer, at best. I am, however, pretty good at editing my photos in photoshop. I wanted to show you what a difference a little photoshop magic can make!

When I look at the photos in photoshop I often notice things that I didn’t see when I was holding the camera. Annoying things, mainly. In this photo for instance, I didn’t notice the lamp cord in the corner. But hocus-pocus – I used a little photoshop magic and made it go away!

It’s really important though not to get carried away – I don’t want to edit myself away from reality. My product pics should reflect what my products actually look like – when they look their best!