Rug Tribus Dust 170x250cm

2 875 kr

The joys of the Tribus plastic rug: easy to maintain, pleasant to walk on, lovely to look at!

Use it indoors or outside, and flip it whenever you want – it’s fully reversible.

These rugs are woven in Sweden on wooden shuttle looms. Note that the dimensions can vary slightly because parts of this manufacturing process is done by hand.

Material: Swedish-made plastic (PVC) and polyester warp. The sourcing company for the PVC is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. The plastic does not contain any substances on the REACH Candidate List.

Please note – the rug in the cutout image is size 140x200cm (available as a separate listing).


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Washing instructions:

Vacuum the rug regularly. The rug can be washed by hand or machine washed – depending on the size of the rug and the capacity of your washing machine. Wash at 30°C, no or very low spinning. Use a laundry detergent for colored fabrics, avoid whiteners and stain removers. 

Stretch and shape the rug carefully while it’s still wet, and let dry flat, rolled, or hang it on a bar (avoid hanging it on washing lines, it might misshape the rug). If the rug has welded edges, be careful not to stretch or fold these. Smaller stains may be wiped off using a damp cloth.

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